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MagniLink Zip

MagniLink Zip is a foldable, user-friendly video magnifier well known for its outstanding image quality, and is available in Full HD (FHD). This portable video magnifier offers the same functionality as every true video magnifier, like a stable reading table with X/Y friction brakes, guiding lines and low-vision adapted monitor.

MagniLink Zip are available in four models. By combining two screen sizes, battery and X/Y table, the new MagniLink Zip will meet the needs of every user. And the built-in distance camera makes MagniLink Zip also great for students!



13": HD 720p/FHD1080p

17": HD 720p/FHD 1080p


13": 1600x900

17": 1920x1080

Magnification Range:

13": 1.3-35x (HD) 1.1-35x (Full HD)

17": 1.7-45x (HD) 1.4-45x (Full HD)

Battery Operation Time:

13": 5-9 h*

17": 5-9 h*

Battery Charging Time:

13": About 2.5 h

17": About 2.5 h

Dimensions, Folded

13": 13x17.5x3.5"

17": 17.3x18.5x4.7"

Dimensions, Unfolded

13": 13x17.5x20.1"

17: 17.3x18.5x22.5"


13": 9.4 lbs**

17": 15.3 lbs***

Power Source: Battery or AC

*    Depending on level of brightness/illumination

**  Includes battery (8.6 lbs. w/out battery)

*** Includes X/Y-table


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