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Optelec ClearNote+

Combining near and distance viewing with a robust, portable and user-friendly design makes the Optelec ClearNote+ your ideal companion in the classroom & office. This lightweight unit makes transportation to school or the office easy. Ideal for near, distance or self viewing.


• One-button simplicity control.
• 3X-46 magnification to view close and distant objects.
• Always-In-Focus™ technology ensuring crisp clear focus on every image.
• Ability to save work on displayed screen to computer.
• Full color, black and white, false colors and reverse viewing modes.
• Picture-In-Picture™ software enables the viewing window to be positioned anywhere on the PC screen.
• Compatible with ZoomText, Lunar+ and Supernova.
• Integrates with a laptop (not included).
• Battery life of 5-6 hours.


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