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Optelec Clearview+ Speech

Wouldn’t it be nice if your video magnifier could just read to you? If you could just point to the text section you want to hear, sit back, relax and listen? The new OPTELEC Clearview+ Speech will let you enjoy reading in a way you could never experience it before.

The ClearView+ Speech combines OPTELEC’s industry-leading comfort in video magnification with accurate text-to-speech. Magnify text and pictures, increase the contrast and reverse polarity for more comfort – Optelec’s one-button control system offers the easiest image adjustment available.

To activate the Speech feature, simply touch the screen and enjoy listening to articles, letters and books with a natural sounding voice and full page overview. Select the text you want to listen to, or read the entire page, select columns and follow the text while the Clearview Speech is reading – there has never been more ease and comfort.

Unlike other video magnifiers which can capture only parts of a page at a time, the Clearview+ Speech offers full page scanning and reading. There is no need for multiple scanning or “stitching”. Simply take a picture of the entire page and select the area you want to read by touching that section on the screen.

Navigation through your text is easy with the Clearview+ Speech: Simply swipe your finger over the large 24” screen, and tap the large icons to adjust volume, speed and more through a wide variety of menu options.

The Clearview+ Speech also offers a digital picture viewer: View pictures from a flash drive or SD card and enjoy a slide show with outstanding image quality. Documents can be saved on the Clearview+ Speech either to an SD card or to a USB flash drive.

The Optelec ClearView+ Speech is available as a complete system in Black and White, Color and in High Definition. It is compatible with all ClearView+ models (G1 & G2), so that you can enjoy the new Speech functionality on your existing ClearView+!  



• Enjoy all the features of the Clearview+ video magnifier: industry leading image quality, one button control system and unmatched ergonomics

• Intuitive 24" HD Touchscreen monitor

• Read documents with accurate and reliable Text-to-Speech

• Point directly at a column, paragraph or word & Read

• Capture the whole document with Full Page overview

• Navigate quickly with intelligent document layout recognition

• Swipe your finger to scroll through the magnified text or photos

• Read text in high contrast while viewing pictures in original color

• More than 50 reading voices in over 30 languages

• Document and photo storage to reference later

• Picture viewer with zoom and slideshow options to view favorite photos

• Continuous magnification of 1X to 85X (depends on model type)

• Ergonomic product design with customizable features

• Built-in high sound quality stereo speakers and headphone port

• Compatible with all existing ClearView+ Systems and easy to upgrade

• 3-year limited warranty 




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